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P.I.E.S. is a Hearts in Action charity offering a sponsorship program for children, investing in children’s lives, & doing worthwhile projects to help the poor. PIES is a vital link for development, providing better education, better nutrition and a better life for children with minimal options for education and health services. PIES provides spiritual instruction, educational tutorship and nutrition, with the purpose of reaching higher levels of education and promoting adequate development for the children living in the arid desert area of Cieneguilla, Lima, Peru.

For only $35 a month, you can provide an important part of what a child needs to grow healthy and to help improve their education. Your monthly donation will help to cover needs like a nutrition program, health checkups, school supplies, tutorship, special classes like English and Computer Basics, a healthy lunch three times a week and other benefits as well. By becoming a sponsor, you are establishing a special relationship with a child that will help improve their studies, allow them to break free from poverty, and realize their dreams!

“Wherever the gospel goes, the quality of life should improve.”

PIES is making a positive difference in the lives of these children. Join with us and be a part of the difference! Thank you for your help in improving the quality of life of a child. The PIES Program gives you an opportunity to unite with these children, many of which come from families living in extreme poverty. Many of their parents are illiterate and don’t recognize the value of a good education. In many cases, these families have numerous children where the older ones sacrifice their education and future to help raise and care for the younger ones. PIES is helping to change this mentality, by bettering their lives every day!


Paul & Alida Bowers

National Directors – Hearts in Action Peru


$ 35.00 a month gives a child a better life and supports the growing Learning Center.


All donations are tax deductible to:

Followers of Christ International

1052 Esther Blvd.

Lima, OH 45805